Best Gaming Motherboard 2017 |Buyer’s Guide & Review

Gigabyte ATX DDR4 Intel LGALike programmers with their machines, gamers want to enjoy the best gaming experiences without lags and little machine niggles. If for whatever reason your gaming console keeps disrupting the smooth flow of the game, or if your graphics and sound quality are not up to scratch, it may be time to finally upgrade your gaming motherboard.

You may have upgraded every internal component of your computer for enhanced gaming but if you fail to upgrade your motherboard as well, it will be all in vain. With that said, we bring to you the best gaming motherboards of 2017 and a buyer’s guide to help you select the motherboard that suits you.


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Mouse NameRAM MemoryForm FactorPriceCheck Price !

4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)
DDR3 2600
Gigabyte ATX DDR4 Intel
Gigabyte ATX DDR4 Intel

4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)
MSI Enthusiastic Gaming
MSI Enthusiastic Gaming

4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)
DDR3 2133

Thing to Know when buying a Gaming Motherboard ?

  • Compatibility: Manufacturers of gaming motherboards have used AMD and Intel processors for the longest time for their reliability. Therefore, ensure that your new gaming motherboard supports those two processor interfaces.
  • Motherboard Size (ATX, mATX & mITX): Motherboard sizes vary in sizes. ATX is the average sized motherboard that comes equipped with all features while the microATX or mATX is a much smaller motherboard that has sacrificed features such as PCIe slots. Lastly, the mini-ITX or mITX is the tiniest and has the least features of the three due to its size. On the upside, it is the most power efficient.
  • Memory (DIMM/RAM): Nowadays, the latest computers games come with memory intensive graphics. Therefore you will need to buy a motherboard that features the latest DDR3 RAM module and at least 4GB of memory.
  • Socket: Different motherboards are compatible with different processor sockets. The socket number is indicated on the socket to allow buyers to find a motherboard that is compatible the socket.
  • .PCI-E Slots: Shop for a motherboard that has multiple PCI-E slots if you want to install multiple GPU setups to go with your main graphics card. Smaller PCI slots can be used as adapters for things like headphones, sound cards and Wi-Fi adapters, etc.
  • Ports (SATA and M.2 Ports): Gamers need multiple storage devices to store all their gaming files if they can’t fit in the internal hard drive. It is important to have enough SATA ports to plug all your external storage devices to your device.
  • Functionality: How the DVD functions are essential especially for a person making the order for small kids. A complicated device, of course, will pose a challenge to be operated by small children. It is hence important that you purchase one that suits your function. If it’s play, pause and stops, then go for it.
  • USB Ports: Having several USB ports on your gaming device is highly beneficial as opposed to the traditional PS/2 ports that have been recently phased out. Since most modern devices use USB for connectivity, most new motherboards support six USB ports and others like the Z170 for gaming supports 10 ports. You can use the free ports for charging your devices, adding peripheral devices like keyboards, mouse, etc. and lastly connecting external storage.

Technical Features:

  • CPU: The central Processing Unit. This is the brain of the gaming unit where all commands and calculations are processed.
  • GPU: The Graphics Processing Unit or VPU, Visual Processing Unit. This unit can be found on a graphics card or video card and is the processing unit that deals with graphics and visual displays. Normally, it is equipped with more memory to handle more visual and graphics data than the CPU.
  • Nvidia SLI: The Nvidia Scalable Link Interface is a linking platform that connects video cards and graphics cards. Linking the two cards enhances video and gaming experiences.
  • AMD Crossfire: The AMD is similar to the Nvidia SLI. It is a product from AM but uses the same concept.
  • SLI/CF: This symbol may seem familiar because it is included in new games and gaming motherboards. You simply select Nvidia’s SLI or AMD Crossfire, depending on what system your motherboard is running on for an enhanced gaming and video performance.


5 Best Gaming Motherboards of 2017

ASUS ATX DDR3 LGA 1150 Motherboards Z97-K/CSM

ASUS ATX DDR3 2600 LGAIf you are trying to build a computer for the first time, you should consider the Asus Z97-k/CSM. Not only is it cheaper than other Z97 models but also works just as well as the more expensive models.

Everything on the Z97/CSM is clearly labelled for easy installation. Once you install the CPU cooler and connect all the cords, you can start enjoying playing games without experiencing any troubles.



  • The M.2 onboard allows data transfer speeds of 10Gb/s.
  • Crystal Sound 2 for enhanced sound experience.
  • Turbo LAN for smooth online gaming .
  • ASUS Fan Xpert3 for system cooling.
  • Enhanced DRAM Overcurrent Protection.


  • Fan Xpert 3 works well after a cold boot but does not work fluently when the gaming device goes to sleep.

Gigabyte ATX DDR4 Intel LGA 1151 SATA E Motherboards

Gigabyte ATX DDR4 Intel LGAThe Gigabyte GA-Z170X is one of the powerful motherboards on the market. Gigabyte has added a twist to the gaming motherboard industry by introducing this device which ranked the best in audio output.

This motherboard is compatible with older versions of windows such as Windows 7 for users who have not upgraded their Windows version. What I liked about this motherboard is that it hugs all the video and graphics cards snuggly.



  • Supports sixth and seventh Generation Intel Core Processors.
  • Features four DDR4 DIMM Memory sockets.
  • Supports 2-Way NVIDIA SLI technology and 3-Way AMD Crossfire.
  • Offers 12 USB ports.
  • 30.5cm by 24.4cm ATX Form Factor30.


  • Debug codes are not listed in the user manual.


ASUS ROG STRIX Z270E GAMINGMotherboards are not known to be pretty to look at, however, the Asus Z270E has single-handedly changed those notions with its flashy looks and design. It also has some cool features such as Crosschill technology that allows water cooling.

You can get the Aura Sync software as well as download BIOS updates for the Asus Z270E after registering it online on the Asus website. The Aura Sync technology allows you to sync the lighting coordination of your motherboard and other devices.



  • Looks great, better than its competitors.
  • Feels sturdy and of high build quality.
  • Sophisticated LEDs that display multiple colors.
  • 5 way optimization.
  • Dedicated 3D mounts on the motherboard for fitting 3D models.


  • Very high priced compared to other brands and models with the same features.

MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Z270 ATX Motherboard

MSI Enthusiastic Gaming Intel Z270The MSI Z270 is one of the modern motherboards that come equipped with sync ready LEDs that change color. This board comes with multiple fan plugs that can take more than one fan and configured for maximum cooling or power efficiency depending on the CPU’s temperature.

What’s more, there is no need to use a Core Temp to measure the CPU’s temperature since this motherboard can digitally display the temperature. Also, if you’re looking to overclock your PC, this MSI features an adjustable overclocking knob to ease your work.



  • Supports sixth and seventh Generation Intel Core, Pentium, and Celeron processors.
  • Supports DDR4-4133+(OC) Memory.
  • VR Ready and VR Boost.
  • Triple Turbo M.2 and MSI Utility Software.
  • Stable overclocking potential.
  • Great layout for fan header locations and M.2 slots.
  • Aesthetically pleasing color scheme.


  • RGB Lighting is limited to only a few colors.
  • While the user manual provides ample support, some parts are vague.

MSI 970 GAMING DDR3 2133 ATX AMD Motherboard

MSI 970 GAMING DDR3 2133 ATXMSI have some of the best gaming motherboards and the 970 model is no exception. It has a great red and black color that will compliment or blend in with the internal components of your computer.

It comes with plenty of fan headers for additional fan installation to provide extreme cooling ability. Fitting and installing the processors on this motherboard is easy and you can still use power supply adapters if you are unable to reach some internal components.



  • Supports AMD FX, Phenom II, Athlon II, and Sempron processors for the AM3+ socket.
  • Oversized heatsink for best heat dissipation and thermal transfer.
  • Supports DDR3-2133 (OC) memory.
  • USB 3.0 + SATA 6 Gb/s.
  • Audio Boost 2 for enhanced sound quality.
  • Killer Ethernet for uninterrupted online gaming.


  • Sound Blaster drivers kept crashing despite downloading them from MSI’s website.

Final Verdict

  • Gaming motherboards are vital for the gaming PC since they house all the internal components as well as act as the nervous system of the gaming devices. These days, motherboards are easily accessible so it does not matter what size your budget is. You can find a good gaming motherboard that will serve you for years.