5 Best computer cases 2017 | Buyer’s Guide & Review

DeepCool TX Mid Tower TESSERACT SWThe computer case helps the computer hardware and its components to keep them protected from dust or static electricity or in some cases away from the children. It is designed to house your PC components and gives them the structural integrity to survive in day to day household situations.

You don’t need a case to have a running computer, you can set up all the parts on a desk and get it to work, but the functionality of keeping those parts whole is very important. There is also the expandability like you can set up the computer now then you can add to it in the future to add more functionality or more speed or that type of things.


Best Computer Cases Comparison Guide

Mouse NameCase TypeBrandPriceCheck Price !
DeepCool TX Mid Tower
DeepCool TX Mid Tower

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
TX Mid Tower
Corsair Carbide Series
Corsair Carbide Series

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
100R Mid Tower
NZXT S340VR Elite
NZXT S340VR Elite

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
ATX Mid tower
Corsair Obsidian Series
Corsair Obsidian Series

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
ATX Mid tower
Phanteks Enthoo Pro
Phanteks Enthoo Pro

4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)
Full Tower Chassis

What to look before buying a computer case?

First and foremost thing is to ask yourself a couple of questions like, is this going to be a media center, or an update to the gaming system or is it going to be used in the everyday computer at the home or in the office.

  • Size: It depends on the number of bay’s and the memory you are using or if you going to configure a raid system to some degree.
  • Ventilation: The system generates a lot of heat, so you should carefully choose a case according to your processor and the architecture how it takes in the airflow and how it releases.
  • Style: You should decide what flexibility is the case that you are choosing is going to give you. Do you want a clear transparent side panel, the type of finish and the type of coating it has.
  • Budget: At the end it comes to the budget depending on your requirement.


5 Best Computer Cases 2017

DeepCool TX Mid Tower TESSERACT SW

DeepCool TX Mid Tower TESSERACT SWTesseract family of PC cases by deepcool are constructed from SDCC steel plastic coated in a rubberized soft-touch coating on the front of the chassis. TX Mid tower incorporates style and light into the front bezel with either blue or white trim accents or an LED fan in the front of the vision with a window side panel.

It features a metal mesh cover on the front and radiator support on the top. Removing the cover in the front reveals room for 120-millimeter fan, one LED fan comes pre-installed in the windows version.

On the top, we find the front panel i/o which includes one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port and a 3.5-millimeter headphone and microphone port. The top also features ventilation holes for 220-millimeter fans. On the bottom of the chassis there are 4 plastic feet and a removable dust filter.



  • It keeps the hardware cool due to proper ventilation system.
  • Nice blue LED lights.
  • Enough space for a bunch of hard drives, SSD’s and an optical drive.
  • Fans doesn’t make any noise and runs silently.


  • Causes problems while installing the extra fan.
  • Less number of ports on front/top.

Corsair Carbide Series 100R Mid Tower Case

Corsair Carbide Series 100R Mid Tower Case100R looks very similar to previous carpet cases with plastic front panels that has the tiny brush look only noticeable at certain angles and the rest is a simple metal frame with a stamp side panels for extra rigidity although the metal is still fairly thin and flex.

On the front there are two USB 3.0 ports, one headphone and microphone jacks and illuminated power and reset buttons. The entire top panel is completely solid creating this linear front to rear air flow channel. Two 120 millimeter fans are included one at the rear and one at the front.

The internal high clearance allows only two 120mm fans installed inside the frame. The front panel ventilation is adequate and the panel is spaced out enough for the fans to breathe.



  • Adequate space for working inside.
  • Easy to work with drive bays.
  • Exhaust and intake is very good.


  • Poses difficulty in removing the front panel and HD cag.
  • There is no radiator support over 120 mm.

NZXT S340VR Elite Computer Case

NZXT S340VR Elite Computer CaseS340VR comes with the few upgrades and improvements over its predecessor the original 340 which definitely makes it one of the sleekest cases out there right now in the market. One of the noticeable upgrade is the nice tempered glass side panel that is incredible.

The glass is slightly darker in color, it’s barely noticeable, this will let you see the beautiful artwork inside your case. Inside there is more than enough room for building, the case features a power supply shroud to keep it and the cables hidden always. The front has the room for two 140 or 120 mm fans, it could also supports 8 to 80 mm radiator.



  • Hides all the cables and your PSU.
  • The transparent glass helps to display the internal parts.
  • Minimalist and sleek design.
  • It has the beautiful tempered glass panel.


  • No radiator support on the top of the case.
  • If you install the SSD against the glass then the cables connected to it will interfere with the HDDS inside the case.

Corsair Obsidian Series 750D ATX Case

Corsair Obsidian Series 750D Airflow Edition, Full Tower ATX Case750D is a full-tower case which means it has 9 expansion slots, it also has modular hard drive cages and tool-free vertical SSD. So you can keep your SSD’s installed even when you put a radiator in the front. On the cooling side, 750D comes stock with three 140 millimeter fans.

On top you can fit up to two 140mm fans or three 120’s. Behind the motherboard tray, you can see cable routing layout with the number of rubber grommets and holes carefully placed to be compatible with most motherboards of the industry.

You can easily change your CPU cooler by removing or adding a backplate as necessary without removing the entire motherboard from the case.



  • Lot of space with built in motherboard risers.
  • Excellent cable management with a lot of room for fan controller wires.
  • Removable HDD cables.
  • The case is very light and it can be shifted very easily.


  • The reset switch button in ill placed and you have a good chance of pressing it accidently.
  • At the rear end, the water cooling holes doesn’t come with grommets.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis with Window Cases

Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower Chassis with Window Cases The panel design is quiet unique with a small angular window to showcase the internal logo and the larger portion for the rest of the components. The exterior plastic looks like brushed aluminum at the same time found on fractal design cases that looks elegant without any significant hit on the cost.

Enthoo has three optical drives and you can see the brushed grain without the annoying fingerprints found on actual aluminum. Behind the stuff cover, there are two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, an auto jack and the reset button. It has 120 and 140 mm fan support, the front panel also has some side ventilation that helps with the total air for delivery.



  • With the full tower size, it makes extremely easy in assembling the PC components.
  • Looks simple and elegant with a clean look.
  • It has a good build quality with rigid frame made of steel.
  • All the dust covers are easily accessible.
  • HDD cages can be easily removed with the help of thumb screws.


  • It is difficult to remove PSU cover.
  • The thumbscrews of the PCI bracket is hard to remove.

Final Verdict

  • To conclude with, all the cases reviewed above has unique functionality and features but, it all depends on your architecture and requirement at the very moment to choose the right case for you.